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1. Invited Speaker 1:
Certified Paddy Seed Production and Processing
Ahmad Termizi Ismail1 and Abd Razak Said
2. Invited Speaker 2:
Application of Vapor Heat Treatment (Vht)
Shahril Sabri
3. Invited Speaker 3:
Adjusting In-Season Nitrogen Fertilizer Rate for Silage Corn with Real-Time Sensing
Brian H. Marsh
4. Invited Speaker 4:
Applications of a Low-Cost Multi-Rotor Remote Sensing Uav in Agriculture
Reza Ehsani, Joe Mari Maja, Sindhuja Sankaran
5. Invited Speaker 5:
Zero Discharge Strategy for the Palm Oil Mill
Mohd Ali Hassan, Yoshihito Shirai
6. Invited Speaker 6:
Agriculture Engineering Innovation in Department of Agriculture an Overview
Aziz@ Awang Mat Ali
7. Invited Speaker 7:
Development of Shallow Tube Well Digging Machine for Irrigation in Agriculture in Perak, Malaysia
Clyne Hardy Ak Raymond Sakor, Mohd Ibrahim B Basri, Roslan B Jaafar, Abdul Razak B Zamin
8. Invited Speaker 8:
Update on Macrobrachium Rosenbergii Farming In Malaysia: Report On the First High Density Farming In Indoor Ras Model
Mohd.Fariduddin B.Othman, Roslizan B. A.Wahab, Badrulnizam B.Basri1
9. Invited Speaker 9:
Performance Evaluation of Industrial Scale Fluidized Bed Paddy Dryer
M. Nordin Ibrahim1 , M. S. H. Sarker, Ab Aziz, N., Mohd. Salleh, P.
10. Invited Speaker 10:
The Use of Refrigerated Seawater System On Board Fishing Vessel
Abdul Halim Bin Marzuki.
11. Invited Speaker 11:
Technology of Probiotic Product from Camel Milk
Serikbayeva A., Narmuratova M.
12. Invited Speaker 12:
Simultaneous Degumming and Deacidification of Crude Palm Oil Using Polymeric Hollow Fiber Membranes A.F.
Ismail, W.J. Lau1, M. Razis, B.C. Ng, D. Salyani, R.A. Latip, N.H. Othman
13. Invited Speaker 13:
Not Available During Time of Printing
14. Invited Speaker 14:
Sustainable Palm Oil Production Kulim (M) Berhad Experience.
Ir Izhar Mahmood


1. Cafei2012_4
Development Of Egusi Melon Seed Extractor
Zinash D. Osunde1 And Kwaya Philip Vandi
2. Cafei2012_15
Physicochemical Properties Of Josapine Pineapple (Ananas Comosus)
Mohd Rosdan, F.A., Yusof, Y.A, Aziz, M.G., Chin, N.L., Mohd Amin, N.A., Mohd Ghazali, H., Chong, P.H.
3. Cafei2012_24
The Effects Of Comboplow On Some Soil Physical Properties Of University Putra Malaysia Research Farm
Ali Hashemi And Desa Ahmad
4. Cafei2012_27
The Total Phenolic Content Of Pandanus Extracts
Nuruljannah Md Yusof, Mizaton Hazizul Hasan, Ummu Amirah Armayni, Mohd Sharil Bin Ahmad, Hannis Fadzillah Mohsin & Ibtisam Abdul Wahab
5. Cafei2012_29
Determination Of Wear Elements In Steyr Ursus Tractor Lubricating Oil Using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (Aas)
Ahmad,, H. I., M. L. Suleiman, D. Ahmad And D. D. Yusuf
6. Cafei2012_32
Dry Hydrolysis Of Corn Starch By Extrusion Process
Achmat Sarifudin 1a And Alhussein M. Assiry
7. Cafei2012_33
Pulverization Of Sweet Potato Vines Using Different Blade Angles And Movers Speed
Amer N. N. Kakahy, D. Ahmad, Md. Akhir , S. Sulaiman And Ishak A.
8. Cafei2012_37
Enhancement The Production Of Lipase Derived From Bukhoderia Cenopacia St8 By Optimization Of The Fermentation Operation
Pau Loke Show, Mohd Shamsul Anuar, Yus Aniza Yusof, Arbakariya Ariff, Tau Chuan Ling
9. Cafei2012_41
Effects Of Enzymatic Clarification Treatment On Phenolic Compounds Of Pummelo (Citrus Grandis L. Osbeck) Fruit Juice
Nor Nadiah Abdul Karim Shah, Russly Abdul Rahman, Rosnah Shamsuddin, Noranizan Mohd Adzahan
10. Cafei2012_42
Modelling Of Simultaneous Encapsulation Of Betacyanins And Antioxidant During Spray Drying Of Red Amaranth Extract
P.H. Chong, M.G. Aziz, Y.A. Yusof, N Mohd Nazli, N. L. Ching, Fa Mohd Rosdan
11. Cafei2012_43
Water Sorption Isotherms Of Libyan Date Paste
A. Houssein. Taher And A. Esin
12. Cafei2012_44
Estimating Evapotranspiration From Paddy (Oryza Sativa ) Field Under Humid Tropical Condition
Abdullahi, A.S., D. Ahmad, M.S.M. Amin and A. R. M. Shariff
13. Cafei2012_46
Effects of Tractor Speeds on the Performance of A Kenaf Harvesting Machine
Dauda, S.M., Ahmad, D., Abdan, K., and Othman, J.
14. Cafei2012_47
Feature Extraction for Head and Broken Rice Detection Using Image Processing Technique
Siti Sharifah Bibi Hanibah, Siti Khairunniza Bejo, Wan Ishak Wan Ismail, Aimrun Wayayok
15. Cafei2012_49
Relationship between Paddy Soil Moisture and Image Texture
N. Hafizah Sumgap, S. Khairunniza-Bejo
16. Cafei2012_51
A Review on Solubility Measurement in Supercritical Condition
H. S. Yeoh, G. H. Chong, N. Mohd Azahan, R. Abdul Rahman, T. S. Y. Choong
17. Cafei2012_52
Feasibility of Ultrasonic Waves to Improve Mass Transfer Rate During Osmotic Dehydration Of Seedless Guava (Psidium Guajava L.)
Ali Ganjloo1, Russly Abdul Rahman1, Jamilah Bakar1, Azizah Osman, Mandana Bimakr
18. Cafei2012_55
Development of A New Food Preservation And Packaging Technique Fpr Liquid Food Products By Using Pyramid Shape Power
Maher A. A. Abdelsamie, Russly B Abdul Rahman, Shuhaimi Mustafa, Dzulkifly Hashim, Suhaimi Ab Rahman
19. Cafei2012_56
Ft-Ir Absorbance Data for Early Detection of Oil Palm Fungal Disease Infestation
Shohreh Liaghat, Shattri B. Mansor, Helmi Zulhaidi Mohd Shaffri
20. Cafei2012_57
Comparison of Different Extraction Methods for the Extraction Of Total Phenolic Compounds From Winter Melon (Benincasa Hispida) Seeds
Mandana Bimakr 1, Russly Abdul Rahman 1,2,3*, Farah Saleena Taip 2, Noranizan Mohd Adzahan 1 , Md Zaidul Islam Sarker 4, Ali Ganjloo 1,5
21. Cafei2012_58
Agricultural Mechatronic Research at Universiti Putra Malaysia
Prof. Wan Ishak Wan Ismail
22. Cafei2012_64
Some Milling Characteristics of Rice Grains
Iraj Bagheri, Sayed Hossein Payman
23. Cafei2012_66
Development Of Soil Nitrogen Mapping System Using Apparent Soil Electrical Conductivity Sensor For Paddy Field
Ezrin, M.H., Aimrun W, Amin. M.S.MAnd S.K. Bejo
24. Cafei2012_67
Effect Of Electrohydrodynamic, Oven, And Hot-Air Drying Methods On Properties Of Banana Slices
A. Esehaghbeygi, K. Pirnazari, M. Sadeghi
25. Cafei2012_68
Relationship Between Capacitance Values And Diesel Contamination Levels In Crude Palm Oil
Nur Fizura Chin Hashim, Samsuzana Abd. Aziz, Hafizan Saringat
26. Cafei2012_73
Extraction And Characterization Of Solar-Grade Biosilica From Rice Husk
usman, B. And rufai, I.A
27. Cafei2012_74
Artificial Neural Network in Predicting Rice Yield
Samihah Mustaffha, Siti Khairunniza Bejo, Wan Ishak Wan Ismail.
28. Cafei2012_75
Comparative Assessment of Energy Values of Briquettes from Some Agricultural By-Products with Different Binders
Idah, P. A. And Mopah, E. J.
29. Cafei2012_77
Effects of Compressive Forces on The Extraction Of Juice From Sweet Sorgum And Sweet Pearl Millet For Eventual Bioethanol Production
Marianne Crépeau, Mohamed Khelifi, Anne Vanasse, Philippe Seguin, Gaëtan F. Tremblay
30. Cafei2012_78
Comparison between Tissue Culture And Conventional Banana Sapling Fadhilah Annai
Huda Hashim, Tapsir Serin
31. Cafei2012_80
Changes In Calorie Intake With Fat Modified Food
Reihanehfeizi , Mahshid Jahadi
32. Cafei2012_81
Formulation Of The Hand Cream Using Extracted Fish Oil From The Visceral Storage Fat Of Female Patin Catfish (Pangasius Hypopthalmus)
Samana Shabanikakroodi, Dr. Annie Christianus, Dr. Tan Chin
33. Cafei2012_82
Measuring Moisture Content Of Honey Using Fiber Optic Technique
N.Mohamad Ibrahim, Z.Abbas , M.A.Ismail, M.H.Muhammad Hafizi
34. Cafei2012_89
Rheological Properties Of Local Pineapple Fruit Jam
Atikah Mansor, Rosnah Shamsudin And Dzulkifli Mat Hashim
35. Cafei2012_99
Adsorption Of Cadmium (Ii) Ions From Aqueous Solution Using Palm Oil Fly Ash (Pofa)
Abdul Shukor Abdul Aziz, Latifah Abd. Manaf, Hasfalina Che Man, Mas Ernawati Hamdan
36. Cafei2012_101
Determination Of Moisture Content In The Dioscorea Hispida Tuber Using Microwave Method
Mohamad Faiz Zainuddin1, Zulkifly Abbas2, Mardiah Hafizah Muhammad
37. Cafei2012_102
Neutron Backscattered Technique For Quantification Of Oil Palm Fruit Oil Content
Ismail Mustapha, Samihah Mustaffha, Md Fakarudin Ab Rahman, Nor Pa’iza Mohd Hasan, Roslan Yahya
38. Cafei2012_103
Multiple Linear Regression Modelling Of Hot Water Extraction Of Soursop Juice
M.C. Quek, N.L. Chin* And Y.A. Yusof
39. Cafei2012_104
Separation Of Cyclodextrins (Cds) Using Aqueous Two-Phase System
Hui Suan Ng, Mohd Noriznan Mokhtar, Arbakariya Arif, Tau Chuan Ling
40. Cafei2012_106
Reflection Technique For Estimation Of Moisture Hevea Rubber Latex Content Using Rectangular Patch Antenna N. Z.
Yahaya, Z. Abbas, J. Hassan, And F. Ansaruddin
41. Cafei2012_111
Fundamentals Compaction Of Bi-Layered Tablets
N. Abu Bakar, N. S. Mohamad, M. S. Anuar, S. M. Tahir
42. Cafei2012_118
Selected Properties Of Oil Palm Kernel
Mina Habibi Asr, Mohd. Nordin Ibrahim, Mohd Noriznan Mokhtar, Khairul Faezah Md. Yunos, Nuzul Amri Bin Ibrahim
43. Cafei2012_121
Effects Of Particle Size Upon Surface Roughness Andwall Friction During Compaction Of Labisia Pumila Tablets
Etti, C., Yusof, Y. A, Chin, N., Aziz, M.
44. Cafei2012_125
Kinetics Of Crude Peroxidase Inactivation From Mangosteen Een (Garcinia Mangostana L.) Pericarp By Using Thermal Treatment
Mahsa Ziabakhsh Deylami, Russly Abdul Rahman, Jamilah Bakar, Lasekan Olusegun, Tan Chin Ping
45. Cafei2012_126
Drying Kinetics Of The Testa And Cotyledon Layers Of Cocoa Beans
Hii Ching Lik And Law Chung Lim
46. Cafei2012_130
Development Of Nano-Order Powder Via Electrospray
Mohd. Nazli Naim, Noor Fitrah Abu Bakar, Tan Kah Boon, Suryani Saallah
47. Cafei2012_134
A Fast And Accurate Technique For Determination Of Moisture Content In Hevea Rubber Latex Using An Insulated Monopole Sensor
Farizah Ansarudin, Zulkifly Abbas, Mohammad Aliff Ismail
48. Cafei2012_136
Evaluation Of Antioxidant Activity Of Phenolic And Flavonoid Extracted From Local Banana Peel
Azwani, M.R., Abdullah, N.A., Nordin, M.F.M*
49. Cafei2012_137
Comparison Of Supercritical Co2 Extraction And Soxhlet Extraction Of Bioactive Compound From Quercus Infectoria
Hasmida Mohd Nasir, Liza Md Salleh, Nur Syukriah Ab Rahman, Harisun Yaakob, Mohd Azizi Che Yunus
50. Cafei2012_138
Bioactive Compounds From Quercus Infectoria (Manjakani) Galls Extract And Their Effects On Antioxidant And Antibacterial Activities
Nur Syukriah Ab Rahman, Liza Md Salleh, Harisun Yaakob, Fadzillah Adibah Abd Majid
51. Cafei2012_140
Distribution Of Heavy Metals And Escherichia Coli In Sabak Beach And Cahaya Bulan Beach, Kelantan
Abdullah, N.A., Wannahari, R., Azwani, M.R,
52. Cafei2012_141
An Innovative Farming Method Ensuring High Production Of Planting Materials In Pepper (Piper Nigrum L.) Plantation
Chen, Y.S And Kho, P.E
53. Cafei2012_142
Cellulose Nanofiber Isolation And Its Fabrication Into Bio-Polymer -A Review
Mohd Harfiz Salehudin dr Eraricar Saleh & Prof. Madya
54. Cafei2012_150
Portable Wireless Yield Monitoring System For Rice Combine
Azmi Yahya, Oh Yun Ju, Maryam Mohd Isa, And Samsuzana Abdul Aziz,
55. Cafei2012_153
The Effect Of Fiber Milling On Mechanical Properties Of Polypropylene Reinforced Oil Palm Mesocarp Fiber Biocomposite
Noor Ida Amalina Ahamad Nordin, Hidayah Ariffin1, Mohd Ali Hassan, Yoshito Andou, Yoshihito Shirai And Haruo Nishida
56. Cafei2012_160
Kinetic And Release Rate Of Lauric Acid From Starch-Based Film In Food Stimulant
Siti Nur Hana Mamat, Eraricar Salleh & Mohd Harfiz Salehuddin
57. Cafei2012_161
Parametric Studies On In Situ Transesterification Of Palm Fruit And Waste Mesocarp For Biodiesel Production
Akmal Baharuddin, Rabitah Zakaria
58. Cafei2012_164
Increasing Resistant Starch Content In Fish Crackers Through Different Cooking Temperatures In Repetitive Cooking-Chilling Cycles
M. Z. M. Nor, R.A. Talib, Noranizan, M. A., N. L. Chin And K. Hashim
59. Cafei2012_166
Functional Properties And Environmental Assessment Of Soy Protein Materials
Pedro Guerrero, Itsaso Leceta, Tania Garrido, Sara Cabezudo, Koro De La Caba
60. Cafei2012_170
Turbidity And Suspended Solid Reduction From Palm Oil Mill Effluent Using Coconut Shell Charcoal
Nazatul Shima Azmi And Khairul Faezah Md Yunos
61. Cafei2012_174
Appropriate Technology For Windrow Composting Of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches
Mohamad Firdza Shukery, Hadi Suryanto And Azmi Yahya
62. Cafei2012_177
Effect Of Soaking Time On The Removal Of Pericarp Of Green Pepper Berries
Norfarahin Hasaman, Rosnah Shamsudin, Noranizan Mohd Adzahan, Russly Abdul Rahman
63. Cafei2012_183
Variable Rate Technology Fertilizer Applicator For Oil Palm Plantation
Tajudeenabiodunishola, Azmiyahya, Abdul Rashid Mohamed Shariff And Samsuzana Abd Aziz
64. Cafei2012_189
Irradiation As A Phytosanitary Treatment For Agricultural Produce: Malaysia's Experience
Zainon Othman And Ahmad Zainuri Mohd Dzomir
65. Cafei2012_194
Tio2 Nanoparticle Coating For Potential Antimicrobial Application In Food Industry
Siti Hajar Othman, Suraya Abdul Rashid, Tinia Idaty Mohd Ghazi, Norhafizah Abdullah
66. Cafei2012_195
Reducing Free Fatty Acid In Used Cooking Oil Using Bagasse Adsorbent
Wannahari. R, Nordin. M.F.N. Marinah, M
67. Cafei2012_196
Poultry Waste Effects On Shallow Groundwater Quality In Selected Farms In Minna, North-Central Nigeria.
Adeoye, Peter Aderemi, hasfalina, Che Man, mohd Amin Soom, thamer Ahmad Mohammed And christopher Oluwakunmi Akinbile.
68. Cafei2012_198
Microwave Technique Of Measuring Moisture Content In The Tuber Of Dioscorea Hispida Using Monopole Sensor
M.H.Muhammad Hafizi, Z.Abbas , M.F.Zainuddin, N.Mohamad Ibrahim,
69. Cafei2012_200
Optimization Of Lipase-Catalyzed Esterification For The Production Of Medium-Chain Acylgcerols From Palm Oil Fatty Acid Distillate: Using Response Surface Methodology
Zanariah Mohd Dom, Ling Tau Chuan And Rozita Yusoff
70. Cafei2012_201
Compaction Of Urea 46% Nitrogen By Uniaxial Die Compaction
I. S. Shamsudin, M. S. Anuar, Y. A. Yusof, A.H. Mohd. Hanif, S. M. Tahir
71. Cafei2012_202
Detection Of Epileptic Spikes In Egg Signal Using Wavelet Transform And Adaptive Neuro – Fuzzy Inference System(Anfis) Techniques
Pegah Khosropanah, Associate Professor. Abd Rahman Ramli, Professor Rashvan Ashurov, Dr Anvarjon Ahmedov
72. Cafei2012_203
Design And Analysis Of Full-State Feedback Controller For A Tractor Active Suspension
Ramin Shamshiri1, Wan Ishak Wan Ismail2, Mona Moradi3
73. Cafei2012_207
Water Quality Pollution Risk Assessment Tool For A River Basin
rowshon M.K., mbaruk M.M., abdullah S. Aljughaiman., amin M.S.M. And deepak, T.J.
74. Cafei2012_208
Determination Of The Relationship Between The Moisture Content And Microwave Dielectric Properties In Kenaf Stem
Nazren R., Khalina A., Alyani I., Rimfiel J.
75. Cafei2012_209
Ultrasound Assisted Extraction Of Antioxidants From Spearmint: An Optimization Study
Antia Orphanides, Vlasios Goulas, Vassilis Gekas
76. Cafei2012_211
Experimental Studies On The Effect Of Airflow On Oven Temperature And Product Qualities In Cake Baking Process
Nur Syafikah Mohamad Shahapuzi , Farah Saleena Taip, Norashikin Abdul Aziz And Anvarjon Ahmedov
77. Cafei2012_213
Thermal Analysis Of Kenaf Derived Cellulose-Filled Poly(Lactic Acid) Composite Films
Rahman S.H.A, R.A. Talib, K. Abdan, Ling, C.N.1and Yusof, Y.A. And Y.B. Tee
78. Cafei2012_215
Fouling Deposit From Chili Sauce Pasteurization Unit
Nur Atika Ali, Nurul Izzah Khalid, Norashikin Ab. Aziz, Rosnah Shamsudin, Farah Saleena Taip
79. Cafei2012_216
Comparison Of Performances Of Industrial Scale Inclined Bed Paddy Dryers
M. S. H. Sarker, M. Nordin Ibrahim, Ab Aziz, N., Mohd. Salleh, P.
80. Cafei2012_218
Development Of Local Phyto-Organic Fertilizer For Malaysian Agriculture
Zul Hilmi Saidin, Ramlah Mohd Tajuddin, Dzaraini Kamarun And Norazah Abd Rahman
81. Cafei2012_219
Evaluation Of Chilling Injury In Bananas Using Backscattered Laser Imaging
Norhashila Hashim, Rimfiel B. Janius, Russly Abdul Rahman
82. Cafei2012_220
Profiling Of Metabolite Produced Monascus Purpureus Ftc5391 In Two Different Substrates Using Hplc- Pda And Gc-Ms
Zahra Ajdari, Musaalbakri Abdul Manan, Saadi Bayat, Mojdeh Dinarvand, Sahar Abbasiliasi, Rosfarizan Mohamad, Arbakariya Ariff
83. Cafei2012_221
Gluten-Free Extruded Products: A Review
Paykary M., Karim R., Aghazadeh M., Kazemi M.
84. Cafei2012_223
Effect Of Different Stabilization Methods On The Proximate Compositions Of Brewer’s Rice
Nik Nor Adilah Muhamad Nordina, Roselina Karim, Hasanah Mohd Ghazali, And Noranizan Mohd Adzahan
85. Cafei2012_230
Design And Simulation Of Control Systems For A Field Survey Mobile Robot Platform
Ramin Shamshiri, Wan Ishak Wan Ismail, Muhamad Saufi Mohd Kassim
86. Cafei2012_231
Effectiveness Of Burnt Oil Palm Shell Filter Media For The Removal Of Physical Contaminants In Water Treatment Process
Ali, M.F., Budari, N.M., Imran, S.N.M., Omar, S.M.
87. Cafei2012_232
Health Risk Assesment Of Trace Elements Uptake By Leafy Vegetable Growth On Secondary Treated Wastewater-Irrigated Soil And Soilless Culture
Ali, M.F., Shakrani, S.A.
88. Cafei2012_233
Oil Palm Plantation Mechanisation In Totality
Darius El Pebrian, Azmi Yahya, Tajudeen A. Ishola, Siamak M. Roodi, Haslina Hasan
89. Cafei2012_235
Nutritional And Amino Acid Composition Of Red Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis Niloticus)
Jumardi Roslan, Siti Mazlina Mustapa Kamal, Khairul Faezah Md. Yunos & Norhafizah Abdullah


1. Cafei2012_30
Ubmerged Fermentation Of Mushroom Mycelium For Exopolysaccharide Production
Rahayu Ahmad, Fauzi Daud, Aidil Abd Hamid, Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff
2. Cafei2012_48
Immature Paddy Detection Using Image Processing Technique
N. Munira-Sudin, S. Khairunnniza-Bejo
3. Cafei2012_59
Volume And Colour Development In Cake Baking Process
Wan Illia Wan Ishak , Farah Saleena Taip, Siti Khairunniza Bejo, Siti Mazlina Mustapa Kamal
4. Cafei2012_76
Effects Of Harvesting Time On The Extraction Of Juice From Sweet Sorghum And Sweet Pearl Millet For Eventual Bioethanol Production
Marianne Crépeau , Mohamed Khelifi, Anne Vanasse, Philippe Seguin, Gaëtan F. Tremblay
5. Cafei2012_167
Characterization Of Biofilms For Food Packaging
Pedro Guerrero, Alaitz Etxabide, Itsaso Leceta, Miriam Peñalba, Koro De La Caba
6. Cafei2012_171
Mechanical Release Of Predators For The Biological Control Of Insect Pests:Case Of The Colorado Beetle, Leptinotarsa Decemlineata (Say)
Mohamed Khelifi , Sylvain De Ladurantaye , François Paré
7. Cafei2012_172
Effectiveness Of Three Mechanical Weeding Strategies In Controlling Quackgrass In Grassland
rym Khorchani, Mohamed Khelifi, Murielle Bournival, Sylvain De Ladurantaye
8. Cafei2012_173
Field Testing Of A Mechanical Release Prototype Of Predator Insects To Control The Colorado Potato Beetle, Leptinotarsa Decemlineata (Say)
Saad Almady, marie-Pascale Beaudoin, Mohamed Khelifi,
9. Cafei2012_176
Coconut Water Vinegar: Technical View For Better Creation
Muhammad Anas Othaman, Shaiful Adzni Sharifudin, Azlina Mansor, Ainaa Abd Kahar, And Kamariah Long.
10. Cafei2012_178
Radiation Decontamination Of Ready-To-Eat Meat Products
Seri Chempaka Mohd. Yusof, Foziah Ali, Salahbiah Abdul Majid, Mariani Deraman And Muhamad Lebai Juri
11. Cafei2012_193
Drying Aspects Of Cocoa Beans During Primary And Secondary Processing
Chiang Choon Lai And C.L. Hii*
12. Cafei2012_224
Effect Of Processing Temperature On Mechanical And Barrier Properties Of Gelatin Films Manufactured By Twin Screw Extruder
Z. A. Nur Hanani, & J. P. Kerry
13. Cafei2012_228
Thermal Properties And Compressibility Of Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder Containing Additives
Mohammad Gulzarul Aziz, M. Fasamanesh, Y. A Yusof, M.N. Ibrahim

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